Finding Love

Let's  us find our love

Finding Love

Let's  us find our love

How Do I Attract Women?

Men find this question quite tricky.

In fact, a lot are anxious about attracting women that they fail to attract women even more.

It's not really that difficult to attract women. The key is to become a man women respect while at the same time being a man who makes women feel appreciated.

To serve as guidelines, here are foundational tips for attracting girls:


You may already know this, but it is as you've heard. Women generally find confidence very attractive.

However, you should not confuse confidence with arrogance. You should find the ideal balance that makes you confident without looking arrogant.

When you approach a girl, smile! Many men try to look cool.

During your conversations, talk more about her than you. Talk about your achievements only if she asks or if it fits into the conversation.

Employ slight teasing to build chemistry and generally just make sure that you are playful.

Make Her Laugh

Even if you consider yourself average-looking, a good sense of humor will make you a lot more attractive than a good-looking boring guy.

Humor creates instant connection, which is why using it in conversations is one of the best ways of attracting girls.

Think about the last time you made a female friend laugh and then use that same tactic.


Women appreciate men who listen because it's very rare to find men who really listen when women talk.

Let her know that you are a good listener. Incorporating parts of what she said into the conversation.


Make sure that your appearance is clean and that you smell fresh.

Hygiene is very important to women. When you take the time to look good and care for yourself, it sends out the message that you will be sure to care for her as well.

This addresses a woman's instinctive need for security.

A beautiful woman is so used to having men chase her wherever she goes. So, you should break the norm get her attention by making her chase you instead.